Dementia is a global pandemic.

Global Dementia Project

This project began in 2014 when I jumped on a plane and moved to Kenya with an idea to try to photograph patients in the developing world with Dementia inspired by my Waiting series. Traveling extensively through the countries below, I have discovered the immense struggle people and their families around the world deal with daily because of a simple lack of knowledge about this disease. Stigma, and misinformation about Dementia in the developing world has led to so much human suffering that could easily be changed with proper resources and awareness. That is my job. I am traveling the world sharing the story of global dementia to help bring awareness so people with this devastating disease can live the rest of their days with proper care and family education. The people in these pictures will never see a cure, but they deserve to live out the rest of their days in Dementia friendly communities.


Countries Photographed In


Organizations using the photographs for awareness


Patients photographed and stories shared



South Africa


Global Dementia Project Timeline


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