When I first started this series I don't believe I truly respected the art form of female impersonation. The first thing you have to understand that these are not men wanting to be women. They are not transexuals, because they do not derive sexual pleasure for cross dressing. They are performers. Those are their costumes. They are professionals. This series is about the glamour and respect these performers truly deserve. I photographed the intricate detail of their transformation from just regular (but fabulous) guys into the goddesses they become. I learned so much about this culture, and was dumb founded when I exhibited them at CAMP Rehoboth in 2013 and straight families came through. Watching children coming up to the Queens and asking them questions was absolutely incredible. Seeing people walk in very uncomfortable, and leaving open minded to another culture was directly the purpose of this series.

In loving memory of

Scott Weston “Cashetta”

and Kevin Bauer “Isabella Frost”