Mkwiro Village, Wasini Island, Coastal Kenya 2014

When I moved to Kenya in 2014, I did a community development internship with Global Vision International. During that time, a section of this internship was working with the health clinic and the community health workers, or CHW’s, that are the volunteer primary care givers for thousands of people throughout the villages. Our job was to teach them about critical health subjects. Teaming up with a frail care nurse from the UK, we tried to explain what Dementia was to the CHW’s who couldn’t quite understand what we meant. We used the photographs from my Waiting series to show them what Dementia looked like, and they responded immediately knowing “older people who are always getting lost”. We gave them awareness, simple care techniques, and resources and unknowingly implemented the first Dementia friendly community in Kenya. The CHW’s showed me around to the patients that were often locked in rooms with fear of getting lost. This was the moment I had to continue this journey and find out more about Dementia in the developing world.